"To draw on the Company's rich history and experience to enhance the educational and professional development opportunities for all employees.

The Academy is dedicated to continuous improvement through life long learning and innovation by offering general and specialized education in the field of plasma science in the key disciplines of leadership, quality, operations and medical."

The Grifols Academy offers our employees a program of standardized education in plasma sciences. This provides them with an overall perspective of the plasma management process focusing on the fundamentals of quality and ethics. The Academy provides life-long learning to participants, develops competencies, and instills the sense of Grifols’ identity and values in our teammates. The Academy is also a platform for opportunities, development and innovation. In the future we will be open to industry members and regulators, functioning as a link between donors and patients.


These Academy programs seek to enhance the educational and developmental opportunities of all associates within the Grifols companies by providing a proactive learning culture which fosters dedication to quality and organizational success.

The activities are available for all levels of the organization and are structured to meet the educational needs of both new and experienced individuals within the plasma industry.  A project of this magnitude should encompass diverse goals:

  • To provide standardized interactive courses that foster critical thinking skills, sound leadership competencies and intellectual and professional growth and are current with industry standards
  • To design and deliver curriculum in a combination of methodologies including classroom instruction, hands on activities, goal based scenarios and computer eLearning modules applicable in the bioscience business models/biopharmaceutical industry
  • To provide Academy participants with a professional, engaging learning environment, the opportunity to network with their colleagues, and support in addressing any questions or concerns
  • To evaluate feedback and satisfaction surveys and take appropriate action to ensure continuous improvement
  • To ensure compliance with all regulatory guidelines related to the Academy's administrative procedures and processes
  • To ensure instructional personnel have relevant subject matter knowledge and experience and the skills to provide effective instructional delivery and an engaging learning environment